18th April 2018

We want to thank everyone who took part in the 2017/18 site content survey. Itís really important that our website visitors have the opportunity to shape the future development of Planit. The survey results are based on 173 responses. Survey highlights:

  • 99% of respondents are very satisfied or satisfied with Planitís content.
  • 96% find the content easy to read and understand.
  • 95% would recommend Planit to others.
  • 93% found it very easy or easy to find what they were looking for on Planit.
  • 80% say Planit meets all, or most of, their career and learning information needs.
  • The most popular and well-used resources on Planit include:
    • Our job profiles and the college and university course outlines.
    • Our 25 Career Area/Sector outlines.
    • The college and university campus outlines and video clips.
  • The three most popular Portfolio tools and resources are:
    • CareerMatch.
    • Easy CV.
    • Choices S3 and subject choice resources.

We are delighted that Planit continues to have such a significant impact on pupilsí progress through the four stages of the career planning process.

  • 95% of pupils said that using Planit improved their self-awareness.
  • 94% said it improved their awareness of career opportunities.
  • 92% felt it helped them with decision making.
  • 89% said it helped them move forward with their career plans.

Whilst these are great results the survey also indicates several areas we need to work on, including:

  • Improving our e-portfolio area Ė for example, giving users additional space to record their hobbies and interests, strengths, and work placements
  • Actively promoting the e-portfolio.
  • Providing more information on topics as diverse as work placements and internships.
  • Providing more job profile video clips.
  • Reviewing and updating our subject choice resources.

So, we will continue to improve and enhance Planit and take your ideas on board.