FOCUS was developed in collaboration with colleagues from Glasgow City Council Corporate Graphics Team and Education Services as an interactive tool for schools to access and interrogate holistic data across the BGE (broad general education) to support Glasgow’s Improvement Challenge (GIC) 2015-2020 which includes the government’s Scottish Attainment Challenge.

FOCUS is a web based interactive tool for schools that helps them examine pupil achievement of CfE (Curriculum for Excellence) levels through a number of lenses. This includes EAL (English as an additional language), ethnicity, deprivation (Social Index of Multiple Deprivation) and other appropriate lenses.

There is also the ability for all local authorities using FOCUS to look at comparator schools – those with similar characteristics. The results for each may be calculated differently between authorities, to ensure the most relevant data is provided.

FOCUS is currently used by 3 local authorities in addition to Glasgow, South Lanarkshire, Stirling and The City of Edinburgh. A version for the West Partnership RIC will be launching in the coming months.

Gateway was a key part of the development of the FOCUS application which has proved to be a useful tool to our schools in Glasgow. They provided vital support and guidance to the team in the design and launch of the application and continue to be invaluable technical support. As we move into the next phase of development, which includes a version for our Early Years establishments, Gateway will continue to be a vital resource. Christina MacDonald, Education Services, Glasgow City Council
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