This easy-to-use and affordable web application supports the management, administration and reporting of local authorities’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes for education and social work staff.

Providing information about CPD training opportunities and events, centres, staff, course applications, attendance and evaluations. It is accessible from the workplace or at home. Helpdesk support is provided during normal office hours.

Administrators can:

Set up courses and add relevant support material
View and manage training provider and opportunity information, staff accounts and course applications
Manage delegates and waiting lists
Access a powerful reporting tool

Co-ordinators can:

View and manage staff applications
View staff CPD records and contact history
Manage school and staff details
Manage and promote local CPD opportunities

Staff can:

Create and maintain a personal CPD Plan, linked to the HGIOS framework
Search and apply for development opportunities
Receive alerts about opportunities linked to their CPD Plan
Manage their annual CPD requirement
Manage the Professional Update process and electronic submission to GTCS.
CPD Manager has enabled us to seamlessly and effectively manage all professional learning processes, including the GTCS Professional Update. Claudia Chalmers, Falkirk Council
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