We're excited to announce that Workit is currently undergoing redesign and development and is due to be launched early in the new year! This will include improved usability and additional functionality, providing our customers with a better user experience.

The information below relates to the current web application but will be updated when the new Workit is launched.

Comprehensive and user-friendly, the features of Workit benefit all users involved in the work placement process and meet the DYW Work Placements Standard requirements.

Schools and local authorities can:

Assign user roles administrator, co-ordinator, health and safety officer
Manage all types of requests including self-found and flexible placements
Record employer partnerships and the activities offered/taken, along with participant details
Record and manage health and safety visits and compliance
Access a range of reports to help manage the work placement process, monitor and track placement success, access and use a comprehensive set of standard letters and forms
view and review SQA work placement evidence

Pupils can:

Search for employers offering work placements and taster weeks and make placement requests
Record the details of work placements they have found themselves
Record achievements and work related activities
Give feedback on placements and activities via a range of questionnaires
Maintain a daily learning logbook during their placement
Collect and record the evidence required for an SQA Work Placement Unit
Use Workit from a computer, tablet or smartphone, providing easy access
Workit is a one-stop-shop from where we can manage the whole range of our work placements within the Senior Phase. The staff at Gateway also provide an excellent support service. Michelle Robertson, West Lothian Council
Interested in finding out more about Workit? Contact us to discuss how it could work for you www.workit.info