17th January 2019

We’re always looking for ways to improve our processes and are pleased to inform you that our team have designed an electronic self-found form. To improve service delivery we are switching to Google Forms which are GDPR compliant, user friendly and quicker to complete than our previous version.

  • Schools (or pupils) simply email a link to employers to complete the form which is then emailed back to Gateway.
  • Schools will receive a copy of the form via email, allowing them to keep track of completed forms, and enabling them to forward a copy to the pupil.
  • Employers will receive a copy of their completed form via email, which they can retain for information.
  • There will be no paper forms to handle, scan and email to Gateway – everything will be done electronically freeing up crucial time for schools.
  • This new process will greatly reduce the administrative burden for schools and employers and reduce the timescale for uploading on the system.

We intend to implement this process across all schools who receive a managed service by August 2019. A short pilot is underway at the moment for quality assurance prior to rollout. The paper form will be phased out once the new process is fully embedded.