20th April 2021

We have made some recent enhancements to Workit which wed like to make you aware of.

1. Pupil Logins

We have simplified the process for issuing pupil logins to Workit, using pupils' Glow emails. The change will allow school co-ordinators to email pupils their logins directly, without needing to generate welcome letters.

To benefit from this improvement, we'll need the Glow emails for pupils - these can be submitted by local authority or by school.

To find out how to provide us with email addresses go to WorkIT : Admin : Help Documents

2. Virtual Work Placements (VWP) can now be entered using the same process as flexible placements.

Administrators can complete the provider and opportunity details as you normally would for flexible placements. Use "virtual" as the placement type and opportunity status. The opportunity will be flagged for H&S checking as usual, which allows for a VWP risk assessment to be carried out by your H&S team and we have added a new H&S status "Approved for VWP"

Pupils can search for and request VWP in the same way as flexible placements.

Schools Co-ordinators are able to quick match pupils to VWP opportunities. Booked/requested placements will be visible from the flexible placement alert box on the homepage.

Reports for VWP are available for schools in the same format as flexible placements.