23rd February 2022

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new interactive Interview Game!

To continue with our aim of improving the Planit experience for young people, we have developed this to be informative and engaging, with lots more video content.

The Interview Game covers three common types of interview – strengths-based, competency-based and screening. Pupils are set a scenario for each, with a job advert outlining the duties and skills required. A comprehensive overview of each interview type is provided, together with tips on how to prepare, with additional links to the relevant modules in Job Seeking Skills, should they wish to read more.

Pupils are then posed five questions and for each they can watch three different video answers, after which they choose what they think is the best answer. Each answer is scored and at the end of the interview, pupils will see how well they’ve done through the scoring system.

An evaluation of the answer they selected is given, whether that be the best, average or poorest option. If they didn’t choose the answer with the highest score, they can then view that video.

There are many benefits to pupils with this new tool:

  • understanding the format of different types of interviews
  • understanding how to prepare
  • seeing a range of example answers
  • understanding what is required to give a good, well-rounded answer to certain interview questions
  • helping to prepare them for the world of work.

Explore the Interview Game.