31st October 2022

Work has started on the redevelopment of Workit. Our aim is to make the new version easier to navigate and meet the needs of all our users, especially as there are now many different options when it comes to workplace learning.

To make sure the new design meets the needs of our users, we want to hear from as many of you as possible. Your answers will help us shape the functionality of the new site and make sure the tasks you use Workit for most are easy to use.

If you have used Workit before, we would appreciate it if you could take the time to complete our Top Tasks survey. Select the tasks which are most relevant to you. Don’t worry about trying to pick the ‘correct’ answer or what you think other people might use, only think about your needs.

The survey consists of up to six questions and should take no longer then 5 minutes to complete.

Complete the survey.

Thank you for taking part and helping to shape the future of Workit!